Video Slots Games

Reel Slots vs Video Slots Games. When online slots was first introduced it was a single reel slot, today video slots are offered in most casinos. The video slots offer players more interaction with multiple pay-lines, bonus features including free spins and bonus screen where players can win extra credits. With the increase popularity of video slots games the casinos have been aggressively adding more games to increase players enjoyment. Now you can find up to 100 pay-lines, bonus screens slots with multiple ways to win. Today's slots games are so amazing with all the features they have added the games where it might be hard not to feel like your in a local casino but having the game choices right in front of you instead of having to walk around to find that just right machine. Video slots made the slot machines come to life with all the interaction that can be done while playing and now they have even moved into your phone or ipads making it easy to take the casino with you where ever you go.

Casinos With The Best Video Slots Games

It is crazy how much the video slots have changed over the years adding so many different types of features. We see symbols that fall down and match up more to increase wins, we have random bonuses giving extra credits, and not to mention all the free spins with multipliers. This makes the games more exciting then ever with higher rewards. Everyone seems to like slots as long as they are winning but the whole idea is to win without thinking just pushing a button and hoping that you hit it big.